Fidget Poppers

Fidget Popper Bracelet - 10 Pack Assorted Colors*

The pop bracelet is a small and light weight, making it comfortable to carry or wear.

The fidget popper bracelet has multiple uses. It can be used as a wristband, keychain, or bag decoration.

Made of high-quality silicone material which is soft on the skin and comfortable to wear.

There are 10 pieces pop bracelets each package, perfect for a birthday party goodie bag item, for a give away at school, or any other gathering where a small inexpensive giveaway is acceptable.

Use to relieve anxiety and sensory, pressing the bubbles on the bracelet. You can play it anytime, anywhere to release stress and relieve anxiety.

Dimensions (HxWxL): .19” x .63” x 9”

Weight: .3 oz.

*Colors may vary