The Fun Home Novelty Company’s mission is to provide consumers with FUN unique quality items at a good value…... SMILES free of charge with every purchase. 

The Fun Home Novelty Company Logo

The idea for The Fun Home Novelty Company comes from a combination of “those kids that had the cool parents”, “those kids that had the cool house” and “the fun home to hang out at” coupled with the idea to be as creative, unique, family-oriented, and fun as possible with every item.

Our desire was to build a company where every item brought a smile to the person that bought it as well as every person that saw it. We want every person that sees our items to say “That’s Fun” or “That’s Cool”

Taking decades of consumer product experience our owners want to be different, stand out, think outside the box and express creativity with every item sold to a consumer.

 We are grateful for all customers that purchase one of our unique items, and hope that we can help make your house the Fun Home on the block. And as always … Smiles are free of charge with every purchase.