The Fun Home Novelty Company (TFHNC) LOVES to have FUN inside the home, but sometimes the FUN needs to venture outside. When Summer arrives, it's time to trade in your couch blanket for your beach blanket. Our Circle and Rectangle Blankets are the PERFECT accessories for lounging by the pool or relaxing at the beach. Who says that beach blankets have to be old bedding that's seen better days or uncomfortable (and let's face it, unattractive) plastic-like covers that stick to you and blow away with the slightest breeze. Oh yes. Say goodbye to your ratty, frumpy beach blankets of yesteryear and upgrade to a soft, cozy, stylish TFHNC blanket for the beach. 
These amazingly versatile blankets come in a unique circle shape and traditional rectangular shape  —both large enough to fit multiple people, making it the ultimate family beach blanket. Personalize your beach experience further by choosing from a vast collection of designs  —Sunflower, Butterfly, Watermelon, Heart Tie-dye, Beer, Wine or your favorite Sport, just to name a few. (Not to mention these amazing blankets are absolutely adorable when wrapped around your chilly, little swimmer). 
Name one thing that’s better than lounging on the beach on a sweltering, sunny day. We’ll wait… That’s what we thought. So, to make the most of your day in the sun, we’ve got you covered with TFHNC blankets. These blankets are the key to relaxing in comfort – and to make sure all of that lovely sand doesn't come home with you, just give the blanket a few shakes and you are ready for your next trip to the beach! 

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