A Mom's Perspective

Blankets galore! Like just about every other family out there, I have a collection of blankets for any occasion...or so I thought. And also like most families out there, my kids are obsessed with blankets. Blankets become city walls for stuffed animals, superhero capes, forts and of course, caves to cuddle up in. They are not particular when choosing, any blanket, any size will do...or so I thought. Enter "The Fun Home Novelty Company's" Round Sleeping Blankets and Round Blankets...there are now favorite blankets in our house. Not only are these blankets lush and super soft for snuggling, but the kids feel like they were personalized just for them. 
Orange Sleeping Blanket
Finding a giant round soccer ball blanket was perfect for my star player. Any kid would LOVE a huge, round, zippered sleeping blanket, but when there's a butterfly on both sides, that blanket takes flight and then lands with one happy kid inside. With such a variety of designs to choose from, there is literally a "personalized" design for everyone. Add in the fact that they are machine washable and come out of the laundry as fluffy and soft as they went in and that makes us one happy and cozy family!

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