1. Drape across the foot of your bed Whether it's a rectangular or round blanket, you will want to fold it horizontally and align it with the end of your bed or drape it over a corner at the foot of your bed. 
  1. Utilize the back of your couchTo make sure this looks purposeful and not accidental, fold your blanket horizontally and drape it over the front of your couch until it is level with the seat cushions, then drape the rest of the blanket over the back. Add a decorative pillow to complete the look. If displaying a round blanket, drape half over the front of the couch and let the other half hang over the back, creating a FUN accent no matter which side of the room you are on.
  1. Store in a basketWhether it's a woven, roped or wicker basket that you have in your living room or bedroom, take it up a notch by adding a FUN blanket décor element. Simply roll or fold one or multiple rectangular or round blankets and stash them in a stylish basket. You can also drape one over the side of the basket, whatever your preference. This way, they are handy to use on a whim, stay out of the way and add a pop of color and FUN to any room. 

Lollipop Round Blanket

  1. Show both sides Although The Fun Home Novelty Company's blankets are full of color, style and FUN, you can add further interest and depth to a room by showing BOTH sides of your blankets, creating different textures. The super soft, fuzzy light-colored side of The Fun Home Novelty blankets, contrasts and makes the FUN, colorful side pop in your room. Adding an element of color to any home décor. 
  1. Drape over the arm of a chair To dress up any chair, you can drape a blanket over the back or arm. An easy way to achieve this look is to just fold the blanket horizontally, keep the drape level with the seat of the chair and let the rest of the blanket hang over the side. Once again, add a decorative pillow to finish the look.

(Hints: Add more folds for extra depth and texture. For round blankets, fold curved ends under for a more rectangular look or in half to emphasize the FUN, unique round design.)

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