When thinking about kids and camping, there are always thoughts of excitement and adventure. However, a major concern is how are the kids going to sleep and WILL sleep actually happen???? This can sometimes be overlooked with all of the packing and excitement, but all kids handle change differently...a new place, in a tent and especially without their bed, it can be hard for kids to adjust. This is why having something that keeps kids warm, comfortable and most of all, that they are excited about and will have fun with is very important. 

Before having my own children, I was absolutely convinced that camping and sleeping gear for kids was a “luxury item”.  Something that was cute, weighed a little less, but really served no real purpose. FALSE!! Seeing how my kids tackle camping (and most things in life) is based on pretty much one KEY question, "Is it FUN?" The Fun Home Novelty Company has all of these topics covered with their Kids Sleeping Blankets. A fun, realistic design for any kid to pick from (French Fries, Donut, Sports, Watermelon, Butterfly and Lollipop to name a few), a zipper to keep them snug AND a fun round shape. Kids will love to climb into their cozy Sleeping Blanket after a fun day in the great outdoors! The Kids Sleeping Blanket could be your answer to a successful camping trip...sleeping at night and energy for the next day's adventure!

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