Growing up, you knew who had the "cool hangout" house or "fun home" on the block. 67% of parents surveyed said they wanted to be that house for their kids and their friends.  Almost 50% said that having yummy snacks was also a determining factor on being the FUN home. Here at the Fun Home Novelty Company, we've combined the two so that every parent has the chance to be the FUN home in the neighborhood. 
Cookie Couch image
From our Lollipop Circle Blanket and Circle Arm Blankets to our Lollipop, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Donut and French Fries Kids Sleeping Blankets, we have you covered! So parents, if you want your kids to have the house where every kid wants to hang...make sure you have some super soft, cozy and delicious looking blankets and maybe some actual snacks to go with them! 

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