What is it about eating outside that’s so enjoyable? Maybe it’s having no crumbs to clean up, a break from routine, enjoying the great outdoors, a little adventure or the romanticized notion of it all. Whether it’s one or all of these things, there is no mistaking the simple joy a picnic brings.
When you have the people, the food, and the location, all you need is a great picnic blanket. After all, a great picnic blanket is a vital part of having a great picnic experience. It’s your kitchen table on the go! The soft, comfortable blankets from The Fun Home Novelty Company are extremely versatile, making your picnic or any outdoor activity WAY more comfortable...not to mention SUPER stylish and FUN!
new designs

These blankets are a great investment if you do a lot of outdoor activities and the vast variety of designs heightens their usability even further! These blankets come in Watermelon, Sunflower, Beer, Wine, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football and MANY more! There are now 11 NEW DESIGNS, featuring 5 beach themes  —Beach Ball, Starfish, Sand Dollar, Life Preserver and Sun Hat, allowing you to personalize your Summer plans even further! The Fun Home Novelty Company offers 5 different styles of blankets —Circle Arm Blankets, Circle Blankets, Sleeping Blankets, Rectangle Arm Blankets and Traditional Rectangle Blankets, making sure you have the perfect fit for whatever your outdoor FUN might be. 

Looking for a blanket you can use for picnics, the beach, and even outdoor sports games? This is the perfect product. Made from soft microfiber flannel, these blankets are soft to the touch and easy to wash and care for. Start planning your next picnic or outing today!

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