15 Adorable Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

As Easter fast approaches, many parents seek creative and fun ways to surprise their children with a memorable Easter basket. Whether your family is celebrating at home or in the great outdoors this year, these 15 adorable Easter basket ideas will ensure that this holiday will be full of smiles and excitement! From classic bunny-themed Easter baskets and Easter candy to funny blankets and Easter eggs that can involve the whole family, you're sure to find something that fits perfectly with your child's personality. Keep reading for all the details on our top picks for excellent and affordable options for Easter Basket ideas.

Pajamas in Easter Baskets

A new pair of pajamas is always a great addition to any Easter basket. Look for something bright and fun for your kids, such as cartoon character-themed pajamas or colorful prints. If you have an older child, you can find sets with matching tops and bottoms that will give them the perfect loungewear look this spring. Make sure whatever you choose is comfortable and washes well too! Pajamas serve as the favorite Easter basket stuffers. You can select prints of the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, jelly beans, and more. These are the best Easter gifts you can give.

Easter Egg Blankets:

Easter blankets are the perfect Easter basket idea for kids as they are colorful, cozy, and bright. These blankets come in a variety of colors and patterns that are inspired by Easter eggs. They are soft, warm, and durable, keeping your kids warm through the night. These blankets also make for great picnic blankets and can be used during outdoor activities. They are easy to clean and maintain and can be machine washed. So, give your kids the gift of comfort this Easter with a delightful Easter Egg blanket.

Bunny Ears

One of the creative Easter basket ideas is Bunny ears stuffed animal. What's Easter without a pair of bunny ears? Whether a stuffed animal headband or a classic felt type, bunny ears are a timeless staple that your little one will love. If you're feeling creative, get crafty and make some yourself using construction paper, pipe cleaners, and pompoms. For a bonus, add a cute bow tie or ribbon to complete the look. Not only do these accessories provide hours of fun for your children, but they also make great photo props too! So, add bunny ears to your Easter Basket gifts and make your kid's Easter morning special.


Easter baskets are a perfect opportunity to encourage young readers with some seasonal books. The classic "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter is a perfect story to include in your child's Easter basket. Another classic book for younger readers is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. If your child is more advanced, "The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story" by Jan & Mike Berenstain would be great. These options will surely add some fun to your child's holiday while promoting reading skills. Easter Bunny is one of the best Easter basket ideas.


Games are a great way to encourage family fun and friendly competition. For younger kids, Easter egg decorating kits are always a great idea. For older kids, board games like "Bunny Hop" or "Easter Bingo" can be a fun addition to any basket. And for a more active game, why not include outdoor toys like a frisbee or a jump rope? Adding some games to your child's basket will create a fun-filled holiday and memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you are looking for the best Easter basket ideas and to reward your kid's egg hunt, a board Easter egg hunt game is best.

Water Toys

Water toys are a great choice if you're looking for a fun and practical Easter basket idea for your kids. Water guns, pool toys, and beach balls will keep your kids entertained for hours during the sunny season. Not only do water toys make for great outdoor activities, but they also help promote physical activity and socialization. Additionally, they are a great way to introduce your kids to swimming and water safety. From inflatable rafts to mermaid-themed pool toys, there are many options to make your child's Easter basket a splashing success. It is one of the best Easter basket ideas. So, if you need Kid's easter basket ideas, then water toys and art supplies are the best.

Bath Bombs

Another creative Easter basket filler for children is bath bombs. Made with essential oils and natural ingredients, bath bombs are a fantastic way to add an extra element of fun to bath time. They come in a wide variety of fragrances and colors, so you can tailor them to your child's preferences. Not only do they create an enjoyable bath experience, but they also have therapeutic benefits, such as relaxing muscles and calming the mind. Bath bombs make for an affordable and thoughtful gift that your child will truly appreciate. So, fill your child's Easter basket this year with colorful and fragrant bath bombs for a soothing and enjoyable bath-time experience.

Stuffed Bunny:

A stuffed bunny is an adorable Easter basket idea that kids will love. These bunnies come in a variety of sizes and colors and are made of soft plush material that is gentle on the skin. They are cute and cuddly and can also be used as a bedtime companion. A stuffed bunny is also a great addition to a child's toy collection and can be played with for hours. These bunnies make for great Easter décor, too, and can be used to add a whimsical touch to any room. So, make your little ones' Easter extra special with a soft and snuggly stuffed bunny.

Press-on Nails:

Easter is a great time to let your kid express their creativity. Give them a fun addition to the holiday with press-on nails! They can choose from festive colors and designs that match the season, like polka dots and bunnies. The press-on nails are easy to apply and can be removed when they're ready for something new. It's a great way to get your kids in the spirit of Easter without needing to go overboard.


For an Easter basket that will last, shoes are an ideal gift for children. Choose from sneakers, sandals, or even rain boots for an item that will become part of their everyday wardrobe. Look for bright colors and prints that look like spring, or pick out Easter-inspired patterns like bunnies, eggs, flowers, and chicks. With this gift, they won't just look festive; they'll also be able to wear them all year round!

Light Tablet

When it comes to Easter baskets, kids love receiving fun and innovative gadgets. If you're looking for a gift that will excite your child and boost their creativity at the same time, consider getting them a light tablet. These devices allow kids to easily draw, sketch, and trace, thanks to their super-bright LED screens and adjustable brightness levels. They're also lightweight, portable, and easy to use, making them perfect for taking on the go. With a light tablet in their Easter basket, your child will be able to explore their artistic side and have fun for hours.


Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is essential, and what better way to do it than with a stylish pair of sunglasses? This Easter, surprise your child with a new pair of shades that look cool and offer optimum protection. Choose a well-made pair that fits perfectly and is comfortable for your child to wear. With so many fun designs and colors available, you're sure to find a pair to suit your child's tastes. And, of course, a pair of sunglasses makes a practical and chic addition to any Easter basket.

Hair Clips

Easter baskets can be a great opportunity to give your child something they will love and find useful. Hair clips are a great option for girls of all ages - especially those who always want to keep their hair looking tidy and pretty. Thousands of designs are available, so you will surely find one that your little girl will love. From bunny-shaped clips to flower-shaped ones, there are endless possibilities. And what's more, you can get them in a variety of colors, making it easy to match them with your child's outfits. Hair clips are a perfect addition to an Easter basket for any fashion-savvy girl.


Bubbles are a great option if you're looking for a toy that will keep your child entertained for hours on end. Not only do they provide endless entertainment, but they're also a great way to get your kids outside and active. Plenty of different types of bubbles are available, from giant bubble wands to regular bubble solutions. You can even get bubble guns that will shoot out a stream of bubbles, offering even more fun for your child. Plus, bubbles are a great way to help kids with sensory processing, and they can help them to relax and unwind. In short, bubbles are a perfect addition to your Easter basket.

Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk can be a fun and creative addition to any Easter basket. Kids can spend hours drawing and writing messages on the pavement. There are a variety of types to choose from, including classic plain chalk, colored chalk, glitter chalk, and even scented chalk. Sidewalk chalk can also be used as a tool for educational activities, such as practicing letters, numbers, and shapes. Some brands even offer washable options, making cleanup a breeze. You can also opt for larger sidewalk chalk sets, which can include stencils and other accessories to inspire even more creative fun.


Easter marks the end of winter, and for kids, it is a holiday full of joy and excitement! If you want your kids to have the best holiday, get them an Easter basket they will love. Whether you purchase a special basket or put together one of your own, these 15 ideas will surely make your children smile. From traditional sweet treats to fun activities and games, these ideas are heartfelt and unique. After all, that is what Easter is all about—sharing moments with your loved ones! So, this Easter, make sure to fill your child's basket with exciting surprises they will never forget. In no time at all, you can create special memories that will last a lifetime!

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